How to avoid the most common problems when hiring exhibition promotional staff

How to avoid the most common problems when hiring exhibition promotional staff

How to avoid the most common problems when hiring exhibition promotional staff

Attracting potential customers to your stand and making their visit memorable is crucial to exhibition success, which is why brands hire special promotional staff. Finding such staff is easy as they can be booked from specialist agencies like Exhibition girls. This means you get trained staff, who will focus on your brand and do everything possible to promote it.

But you need to take care and avoid making mistakes, which can cost you dearly. There are four very common mistakes that companies often make when hiring promotional staff.

Mistake No 1 – Leave it to the last minute

Staff recruitment needs to be at the top of the must do list, not at the bottom. Promotional staff need to prepare for their jobs, know what they are required to do, any products they have to stress, learn scripts and have all the background they need on the company. Briefing notes should also include a detailed schedule, contact information, dress code guidelines, aims and objectives.

If you leave it to the last minute, they do not have time to prepare properly. You may also find that the staff you want are already booked up by your competitors. At least three months notice is ideal when it comes to booking staff – and bear in mind that the best staff may be booked six months or more ahead when it comes to top exhibitions.

Mistake No 2 – Choosing the cheapest agency

Shopping around is one thing, but automatically opting for the cheapest may not be the best idea. Just think – if the agency is paying only the bare minimum to its staff, then how good are the staff going to be? Will they be sufficiently motivated to really focus on your brand? Price should be only one of the deciding factors which choosing an staffing agency. Keeping costs to a minimum by opting for a low cost agency may backfire in the long run.

Mistake No 3 – Poor communication with the promotional staff agency

Talk to the agency about exactly what you are seeking. Find out how they choose the people to take on a booking, what happens if someone falls sick, what are the back up policies? Can you choose your own staff? Or do you get whoever is assigned to you? An agency stating they have 20,000+ people on their books may be prioritizing quantity over quality.

A good agency will allow you to look through its database and choose your staff. They will provide details of staff for you to check out further. Find out if there is an account manger available during your event, ready to provide immediate assistance in event of problems.

Mistake No 4 – Thinking appearance is all-important

Hiring promotional staff because they seem to look right for the job is tempting. After all, they will make a good first impression. But remember that it is not just appearance that counts, the promo staff need to be able to answer questions, deal with customers, make sure your event meets its objectives, and work within a team. It is essential to interview, even if it is just a short chat on the phone.

Immediately before the event, hold a briefing session with all your staff including the promotional staff. Make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them, and that demonstrators have rehearsed all that they have to do. During the event, be positive, encouraging and motivating. Afterwards, hold a debriefing session with the staff and agency to seek any feedback that may help future events.

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