Event City

Event City Exhibition Staff

Your next exhibition at Event City is going to require a lot of work, both to operate and organise as well as to get the word out so you have plenty of people to attend. Fortunately there are many both talented and attractive young ladies that are willing able to help. In addition to basic marketing services running and promoting your event comes with other services to keep the party going all night.

Exhibition Girls

Exhibition girls are great way to create buzz and attract attention your next exciting event. You can use exhibition girls for promoting your event by distributing literature, talking to people in the streets, or even putting on shows to catch the turning of some eyes and ears. These young ladies are girls of many talents and in addition to knowing how to gather a crowd they will also be provided with information about your even and business so they can communicate as great representatives of your company.


People attending might like a personal touch. Consider employing some hostesses to show them to their seats, make them feel welcome, and provide for their basic needs and wants. Hostesses will do all the light work for your event so you won’t have to and they are both courteous and professionals and masters at their crafts.

Trained and Experienced Exhibition Personnel

The exhibition girls and hostesses here are far more than just warm bodies or pretty faces. The girls are trained and come with many diverse and unique skills that you’ll need for promotions and other necessities. They’ve seen their share of events like yours and they’re trained, experienced, and ready to do whatever needs to be done. Don’t try to do it all yourself, let these fine young ladies make your life easier and your big event a huge success.