Hire Exhibition Girls & Models for ICE London

Hire Exhibition Girls & Models for ICE London

Hire Exhibition Girls & Models for ICE London

Self-proclaimed as the international hub of B2B gaming, ICE London returns to ExCeL London in February 2020. And as always, it promises to deliver.

Why hire exhibition models for ICE London?

The three-day show – you can enjoy everything on offer from the 4th to 6th February 2020 – is jam-packed with the latest gaming innovations and tech. Not only that, there will be 600+ ‘solution experts’ wondering the floor and 35,000 + gaming professionals expected to flock through the doors of the show.

Gaming is big business. But its constantly moving, shifting and innovating. Such a fast-paced industry needs individuals who can not only keep pace but drive change. This is why the organisers place heavy emphasis on business development and learning, as much as they celebrating the international gaming community.

Hiring promotional staff such as exhibition girls and models, not only attracts attention to your brand but with their skills and sales expertise, they can gather the leads you want and maximise your exposure at ICE London.

For you, ICE London says it can “drive revenue, innovations and invaluable relationships” but you only be able to do a fraction of these things if you try to do it all yourself.

And then there is the question of confidence, skills and abilities. Your team might be great at what they do but when it comes to reading the signals that potential buyers give, can they read them well enough?

Our exhibitions girls have worked at events similar to ICE London several times, including past ICE shows. They understand how to attract attention, how to qualify someone’s intentions (do they have buying authority, for example?) but also showcase your products or services in their very best light.

Hire exhibition girls for ICE London

Our exhibition models can wear branded uniforms and other costumes or bring a business-like approach to your stand at ICE London. With knowledge of the gaming coupled with their expertise for pushing sales, raising brand awareness and generating leads, hiring exhibition girls for ICE London is almost as routine as booking your stand.

We have thousands of attractive and skilled exhibition models to hire for this show at London’s ExCeL.

You won’t be disappointed. Arriving briefed and ready for action, our exhibition models work hard for the whole time they are hosting your stand, whether that is demonstrating products, inviting people to experience your products or talking to potential trade partners and contacts.

To hire exhibitions girls, models and promotional staff for ICE London, get in touch with the team at Exhibition Girls today.

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Hire Professional Reception Staff for UK Events

Hire Professional Reception Staff for UK Events

Hire Professional Reception Staff for UK Events

First impression matter. In less than seven seconds, your delegates and attendees have formed an opinion of your event. A warm, welcoming smile, polite conversation and above all, an efficient registration process is the foundation from which your event will grow.
And that’s why hiring professional reception staff for your conference, exhibition, trade show or any event is key to success.

Why hire professional reception staff?

It’s easy to make the assumption that meeting and greeting attendees and delegates to an event is ‘easy’ – it is when you know how, when you have the training and experience to be able to adapt.

There is also the assumption that reception staff are needed for the start of the event alone. But you’ll find that the reception desk becomes the point of information throughout the event, whether that is a day event or one that lasts for several days.

The reception area must be staffed at all times and by a reception team who understand exactly what is needed;
• Meet and greet delegates in an appropriate and professional way, engaging in conversation, welcoming guests to your event
• Act as a point of information throughout the day
• Answer queries, deal with registration issues and other situations as they arise, quickly and effectively
• Manage the reception area so that it remains tidy
• Multi-task as well as be able to handle very busy parts of the day such as morning and afternoon reception desks
• Maintain communication with the event management team

Why hire reception staff for your event from us?

We go the extra mile to make sure that every client has the staff they need to make any event a success – and that includes experienced, professional event reception staff.
• Experienced – with thousands of event staff on our database, we guarantee we have the experienced reception staff your event needs.
• Professional – our reception staff will ‘look the part’ too. They can wear branded uniforms, a common request from clients or a dress code can be specified.
• Self-managing – our event and reception staff are forward-thinking and proactive in their work meaning they will go the extra mile to ensure that the reception area is managed effectively and efficiently.
• Reliable – arriving ahead of time, our reception staff will be on-hand to welcome your delegates and guests when your event opens.
• Briefed – arriving fully briefed, the reception staff you hire will be ready for work!

Find out more about hiring reception staff for UK events

Make a brilliant impression of event delegates and VIPs with a professional reception staff team. To find out more or a no obligation quote, contact the Bookings Team by using the contact form below or calling us on 0844 800 0071.

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Hire Exhibition Staff for your Next Royal Highland Centre Event

Hire Exhibition Staff for your Next Royal Highland Centre Event

Hire Exhibition Staff for your Next Royal Highland Centre Event

The Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh is one of the largest indoor and outdoor venues. Attracting over a million visitors a year, it hosts over 200 events annually. In many ways, the Royal Highland centre is unique in that it offers so many different kinds of venue within one. With indoor and outdoor space available, there is a vast internal hall as well as parkland, an arena and track area, and parking for 15,000 cars.

It’s no wonder then that so many event organisers choose to host their show at the Royal Highland Centre. The versatility to offer something different at every event makes it so very popular and for you, that’s great news.

But now you need to be confident you have the right exhibition staff in place to make sure everything goes to plan. And that means hiring the best from a leading, local promotional staffing agency.

Why hire exhibition staff from a local promotional staffing agency?

As a leading promotional staffing agency, we offer a range of services by talented and experienced exhibition staff. As well as great customer service, we also know that using local staff is what sets us apart;

Cost-effective – hiring local promotional staff means less strain on your budget. With little, if any travel costs, you will find your budget for staffing stretches further than you think.
Reliable – with less travel to get to the Royal Highland Centre, there is less chance of our exhibition staff being held up by traffic, delayed trains or flights. You’ll probably find out staff arrive before you do!
Knowing the area – local staff also have local knowledge too which for any client exhibiting at the Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh is an important connection to make with customers.

What services do exhibition staff provide at an event?

Effectively, our staff can provide any service that you need to make an event or attendance at a Royal Highland centre event even more successful.

Our exhibition staff can, for example;
Provide registration and reception services, welcoming delegates and VIPs
• Act as hostesses for VIP events and networking lounges
Manage events within the main event itself
• Act as brand ambassadors
Staff exhibition booths and trade show stands
• Act as marketing staff
And much, much more

How to hire the best exhibition staff for the Royal Highland Centre event

Naturally, you want peace of mind that the team of promotional and exhibition staff at an event acting on behalf of your brand know exactly what they are doing.

As well as being talented and experience, our exhibition staff are passionate about making every event a success for every client. Arriving fully briefed as to their role and tasks for the day, our staff are also fully insured.

To book your exhibition staff for the Royal Highland Centre, email us using the contact form below or call the Bookings Team today on 0844 800 0071.

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Hire Exhibition Girls for UK and International Events

Hire Exhibition Girls for UK and International Events

Hire Exhibition Girls for UK and International Events

Planning and organising a conference takes time and effort. One of the tasks will be to find a team of experienced and professional exhibition girls who can deliver exceptional service, above and beyond what you expect – that’s what we do!

Experienced exhibition girls

Finding the right team just got easier. All you need to do is make one phone call to our bookings team telling us what your requirements are, and we’ll do the rest.
We have a large database of talented exhibition girls in the UK, from London to Edinburgh and beyond, from the east coast to the west, and everywhere in between. We also provide exhibition girls for international events.

Exhibition girls provide a range of services at UK conferences, international exhibitions and trade shows including;

• Reception staff
• Meeting and greeting VPs
• Hosting VIP sessions and parties
• Act as hospitality staff at a range of events
• Act as promotional and marketing staff on stands and a booths
• Acting as models for promotional purposes including catwalk and fashion shows
• Work ‘behind the scenes’ as well as provide administrative support
• And much, much more
In fact, no matter what your requirements, we have exhibitions girls with the skills and expertise to deliver exceptional promotional and marketing services at UK and international events.

Why hire exhibition girls for a UK or international event?

The reason is simple; if you want to make your event memorable, it needs to run smoothly and exhibition girls can provide the services you need for any event or conference to do just that.
If you want to reach more customers, have your brand promoted in the right way and for guests to leave with a memorable impression of your brand, you need exhibition girls.
Briefed before they arrive, our exhibition girls are not only talented but they bring a wealth of marketing and promotional skills to an event. With experience of both international and UK events, it makes sense to come to the exhibition staffing agency with an established pedigree.

How Exhibition Girls can help

We take the strain out of finding promotional staff and exhibition girls so you can concentrate on planning your conference or creating the trade show marketing strategy that will deliver.
Choosing the best exhibition girls from our database, we’ll pick you a team that has all the skills and experience your trade show or exhibition project needs in order to be successful.
With many years’ experience under our belt, you can trust us to not only deliver on our promises but to exceed your expectations as to impact exhibition girls at UK conference and international exhibitions can make.

Request a free quote for hiring exhibition girls today

For a competitive quote for hiring exhibition girls for UK and international conferences, simply complete the form below or chat to our bookings team by calling 0844 800 0071.

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trade booth models for hire for ICE Gaming London

ICE Totally Gaming Show London

ICE London – Why You Need to Hire Promotional Staff from Exhibition Girls

Of all the events out exhibition girls attend, the one that has the biggest vibe about it is ICE London.

An annual event, it is a three-day show held at the start of February with London ExceL playing host to this amazing gaming show. Anyone who is anyone in the online and offline gaming world will be here.

The world of gaming is fun, vibrant and competitive. The growth of ICE London in terms of footfall and the exhibitor’s list is a sign of how, over the years, the gaming industry has changed.

Each show has got bigger with the current footfall at around 30,000 people – it is expected to continue to grow.

Each show has got more glamorous, more vibrant and more exciting – it is expected to continue to do so.

Be part of gaming evolution

Anyone in the gaming industry will know what a competitive space it is but also how quickly it changes, moving forward, changing, evolving and becoming even more exciting.

For gamers, their expectations are high and when they walk through the doors into the exciting space that is ICE London, they expect every stand, every exhibitor to be as exciting as the seminars, the game launches and more.

Can you meet these expectations? Can you exceed these expectations? With promotional staff from Exhibition Girls you could.

What services are on offer from Exhibition Girls?

We are a professional promotional staffing agency with thousands of talented staff ready to take any promotional task.

We are a talented bunch – we have performers, sales staff, demonstrators and sampling staff, promotional staff, administration staff and more – many of whom love the buzz of the ICE London gaming show. Even better, we have exhibition girls who are gamers too.

As well as exceptional service and talent, we can offer you exactly what you need and want, often within budget too.

We don’t do off-the-shelf packages, believing that every client is different and that every client wants and needs a unique approach to make their next exhibition stand the stand-out space it should be.

Why hire professional exhibition girls for ICE London?

Essentially, this show is about the interaction between avid gamers and the gaming brands they love. No matter what you offer the gaming world, you want exhibition staff who understand your product and understand your customers, their passion and commitment.

In other words, you need people who are experienced and skilled in giving people what they want.

Look no further because at Exhibition Girls we have an enviable reputation of doing just that, with our girls offering a responsive, professional service for every client at every show.

Want to know more about hiring professional exhibition staff?

Look no further than Exhibition Girls. For more information on our service or to request a no obligation quote call us on 0844 800 0071 or complete the form below.

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Top 100 UK Exhibitions By Popularity

Exhibition Staff & Trade Show Staff for hire in the UK

Exhibition Staff & Trade Show Staff for hire in the UK

We supply experienced temporary staff to all UK venues.  Below is a list of the top 100 trade shows in order of popularity.  So if you have a business that could be promoted at one of these shows then it would be a good investment to do so.

Even if you are unable to attend yourself you can hire an experienced trustworthy professional from us to do that for you.

Top 100 UK Exhibitions By Popularity

  • Pure London
  • Salon International
  • London Textile Fair
  • Professional Beauty London
  • The Property Investor & Homebuyer Show
  • Natural & Organic Products Europe
  • Scoop International Fashion Show
  • Spring Fair International
  • International Make-Up Artist Trade Show-London
  • Brand Licensing Europe
  • Eye for Travel Europe
  • The National Franchise Exhibition
  • Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair
  • The Olympia Beauty Show
  • Textile Forum Fashion Fabric Show
  • Bubble London
  • Marketing week live
  • The International Food & Drink Event
  • Off Price Show
  • International Petroleum Week
  • Business Startup London
  • Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition
  • Organic & Natural Beauty Show
  • Sign & Digital UK
  • Leadership Management: Tactics of Leadership
  • London Fashion Week
  • Business Travel Show
  • Moda Woman
  • Speciality & Fine Food Fair
  • The Festival of Quilts
  • Jacket Required London
  • Ideal Home Show – London
  • British Tourism and travel
  • Autumn Fair International
  • Taste of London
  • Southern Manufacturing
  • The London Coffee Festival
  • The British Invention Show
  • The January Furniture Show
  • Ecobuild
  • London Stationery Show
  • Homebuilding & Renovating Show-London
  • The Luxury Property Show
  • London Investor Show
  • Traffex International Exhibition
  • The Uk Concrete Show
  • London Print Design Fair
  • BeautyUK
  • Education Show
  • Decorex International
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Ice Cream Expo
  • International Confex
  • Fashion SVP
  • The Knitting & Stitching Show-London
  • Kempton Park Rock ‘n’ Gem
  • BBC Good Food Show
  • Manchester Furniture Show
  • International Conference of Wireless Networks
  • Seawork
  • Travel Technology Europe
  • Toy Fair Birmingham
  • Cih housing Conference & Exhibition
  • Moda Footwear
  • The Business Show
  • Autosport International
  • The Photography Show
  • Adventure Travel Show
  • Professional Beauty Manchester



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3 Reasons to Hire Exhibition Girls for Your Event

3 Reasons to Hire Exhibition Girls for Your Event

3 Reasons to Hire Exhibition Girls for Your Event

It takes time, energy, commitment and resources to organise and host an event. For these reasons alone, you want your event to be a success.

From a brand point of view, you event HAS TO be a success and so it makes sense to hire professional exhibition girls.

Do you know how to really make your event a success?

Behind every event is a set of objectives. In other words, the reasons why you are spending so much time, effort and money on hosting this event.

It could be you want to boost sales, now and in the future. Or maybe you are launching a new product or service? It could be that you are hosting the event to showcase your brand and the high-quality products you produce or the amazing services that you offer.

We need a reality check here. Hosting an event IS a big deal. Running the event IS time-consuming.

Getting it all together and making sure that everything goes to plan and without a hitch and that VIPs are met and greeted and so on IS also a big deal.

And it can be the small things that let you down such as guests at a VIP event with empty glasses and no canapes, or no one to engage people in conversation or direct them to the next event…

The list could go on. But rather than list the failures, let’s look at the solution. And in this cases, it comes in the intelligent shape of exhibition girls and professional hostesses.

But why exhibition girls in particular? Why professional hostesses?

REASON 1 – A classy addition

No matter what or where your event – it could be a form black tie dinner or a casual occasion – our professional hostess bring classic sparkle to any event.

They work hard, ensuring that everyone is met and greeted as they enter, they have all that they need including answers to questions.

Exhibition girls and hostesses offer an intelligent and personable service that ensures your brand stands out.

REASON 2 – Brand promotion at its best

Brand awareness and the voice around your brand needs to be just right – and it needs to be nurtured. Exhibition girls and hostesses can be part of your overall strategy to make sure your brand is noticed and in the right way too.

Our exhibition girls can wear a branded uniform, further confirming familiarity with your branding and logo in the eyeline of customers.

They will emphasise your aims, brand messages and values too. They can do all this because our hostess and exhibition girls are professionals, with experience and training in all kinds of promotional work.

REASON 3 – They are the practical support you need

There are all kinds of things that exhibitions girls can do. They can;
• Host VIP sessions
• Give out leaflets
• Talk to customers
• Qualify leads
• Ensure everything is running smoothly in their allotted area
• Give out freebies
• Staff stands
• And more!

But to get all this success, you need to hire the right team or professional individual and there is only one way to do that…

Hire a team of Exhibition Girls

Call the team to get a quote to hire Exhibition Girls on 0844 800 0071 who, once you receive your fantastically competitive quote, will hand pick your professional host or team or exhibition girls for your event.

Or alternatively, drop us a line using our contact form.

Exhibition Staff for Three Major Events at Excel, London March 2018

exhibition & conference staff London ExcelExhibition Staff for Three Major Events at Excel, London March 2018

With the exhibition and trade show season starting to crank up, there is a range of shows that your business may be choosing to exhibit or sell at.

The staff at Exhibition Girls are being booked for major events at London Excel and venues across the UK. Coming up in March, we will be looking to work with clients to make a success of their presence at major shows such as;

Ecobuild, March 6 – 8, 2018

Billed as the number one event for ‘forward thinkers in the built environment’, the Ecobuild conference is a must for any business in the construction industry. With the latest developments and innovations set to be revealed, our promotional staff can be the support staff you need too, at such a busy event. They can collect data, give our marketing materials, run competitions and demonstrate your products, to name just a few of our amazing promotional services.

Interspill London 2018, Conference & Exhibition March 13 – 15, 2018

This conference attracts delegates and companies from all over Europe. It is the discussion forum for innovative practices and responses in the field of oil spill prevention, preparedness, response and restoration. At such an event, you need promotional staff who are not only fully briefed but reliable and business-focused. It is a unique platform and thus, you need to be confident you have the right promotional staffing solutions for this prestigious three-day event. Returning to the Excel London after a successful conference in Amsterdam, our staff will actively engage with clients and customers.

Sales Innovation Expo 2018 21 – 22 March 2018

Like the Ecobuild and Interspill conferences, this is an expo that attracts exhibitors and clients from across Europe. Expert-led seminars, interactive masterclasses and over 200 innovative exhibitors make this the showcase for innovations in the sales industry. Over 6,000 professional delegates and trade partners will be circulating over the two-day event and that means for our clients, promotional staff and exhibition hosts need to be highly professional, engaging and impressive in how they connect with professionals. Fully briefed before they arrive, they will have an in-depth understanding of the show, your brand and products.

At Exhibition Girls, we offer an impressive range of promotional services. With a growing database of the best people in the business, we can supply the promotional staff and services you need to ensure the success of any of the above events.
For more information or to book your promotional team, call us on 0800 844 0071 or email info@exhibitiongirls.co.uk

This End Month’s Vaping Expo ‘The Return 2017

Hire Promo Staff for Vaping Show NECThis End Month’s Vaping Expo ‘The Return 2017

October 2017 is booming in the vape industry with the 5th edition of the Vaper Expo ‘A Celebration of Vaping’.NEC Birmingham will be hosting the show as from 27th to 29th October 2017. Since its birth (2015), in two years time the show has expanded and grown big in size, attracting a larger number of exhibitors and visitors hence currently earning the recognition of being not only the largest but also the most vital vaping show across the whole of Europe, mandating the attendance by international distributors, suppliers and manufacturers.

What the vaping expo entails?

The show creates a global meeting point for traders and consumers with similar interests and also enables to have a wonderful and amazing time andwide access range of goods and products.

It creates a fantastic, live environment incorporated with fun, more so during the consumers days in which the visiting traders make negotiations and get contacted to new world’s prominent suppliers.

It will thus help you build brand awareness of any given product as it is a world’s most renowned vape convention usually joined by exhibitors from across the globe. It is thus the leading marketing vessel in the Vape industry offering the ultimate brand awareness for any company or product.

It tries to combine retailing, B2B and professionalism made live through a diverse programme of entertainment working for all consumers, exhibitors, and traders.All aside, are you having a quiet weekend? The Vaper Expo is in no time making over into a weekend show with more exciting provisions and facilities.

The vaping expo amazing features

The Vaping Expo is a single roof under which the globe’s vaping events are sheltered. It hosts the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers’ exhibitions incorporated with plenty of entertainments including but not limited to:
a)    Competitions and giveaways
Have you ever in your life, met such surprise as getting so precious stuff, just and simply for free? Any Vaper Expo visitor will let you know how many free goodies are offered in the vaper expo weekends, renown for the giveaways and competitions sessions.Don’t miss the ‘newborn’ 2017 giveaway sessions! Grab freebies in the funny game show-style competitions simply by engaging in the interaction with Vaper Expo hosts!
b) The Build Area
This is a purposely built area for the precious visitors in need of re-wicking or dropping new build in. The Crafty coils, partnering with the Build Faction team can offer you help of any sought.
c) Vape Escape Area
This is another new 2017 vaping expo refreshment. It is a cool, nice relaxing area located in the quiet zone. You can escape from the show’s hustle and stir and have your break in this corner of paradise with a cup of coffee if you don’t prefer a pint.
d) Cafes and restaurants These facilities are not only within the show but also in the near public areas.

The Tickets

Here are the available tickets to get you into this show of its kind! Pick your suit!•    One day tickets valid for one day; Saturday or Sunday, worth £12 only.•    2-day tickets only valid for Saturday and Sunday, given as a lanyard as soon as you arrive. It is worth £18 only.•    Do you love special treatment? Go for the VIP! Three-day VIP ticket accessing you to VIP lounge exclusive use, 15% off food and drink and a fast track queuing. Pick it at £60 only and get ready for freebies and our merchandise at the VIP lounge.
Purchase your ticket before the sales end on 27 October. Don’t miss out on this new exclusive show.

The vaping expo event kicks off on 27th and runs to 29th of October 2017. The doors open at 8 A.m and close at 6 A.m (Friday & Saturday) and 4 A.m (Sunday).• Only over 18 years visitors are allowed for entry. Carry your ID card if convinced that your young outlook can lock you out.• You are respectively questioned to refrain from vaping from the Atrium/Piazza, which are the public areas linking the various venue parts and halls. You can vape to your contentment once you enter the pre-show area ( halls 9-12).

Get a quote for Exhibition Girls at the Vaping Show

Need extra staff or some experienced exhibition girls or hostesses to help you on your stand?  Give us a call or click here to email us your staff requirements!


Largest Auto Show in UK set for January

promo girls car shows Autosport NECLargest Auto Show in UK set for January

Performance Car Show & Auto sport International at the NEC

If you are an auto enthusiast you probably already know about the Performance Car Show & Autosport International at the NEC, Birmingham England set for January 12 through the 15th.

Whether you are an exhibitor or just a gear head this is the “can’t miss” show of the year in the UK.

Every type of motor car from go karts to Formula 1 racing machines with everything in between will be available to industry professionals and the general public. The first two days are reserved for trade only, while the public is invited to the last two days of the event. The show will feature over 600 of the largest and most well-known exhibitors dispersed over a variety of show areas.

For the fans, there is a large variety of exhibits, celebrity appearances, live action and an area called the “Adrenalin Zone,” featuring heart-stopping entertainment, with thrills, chills, and rides.

If you are looking for the latest automotive technology and what is in store for next year this is where you will find your answers. The show caters to automotive industry professionals and to the sports racing fans as well. There is something for everyone.

No matter what your inspiration whether it is karting, oval racing, drag racing, rally cross, or off-road racing this is the show for you. You may even find new racing niches unknown to you from before.
For the 27th year the Autosport International Racing Car Show is running in conjunction with the Performance Car Show giving every auto enthusiast an opportunity to either participate or just gaze. The choice is yours.

Need Exhibition Girls For Performance Car Show & Auto Sport International?

We supply gorgeous, experienced and local exhibition girls to this show, so whatever look or skills you required we have more than 700 ladies on our books available for this event.

To get a quote click here to get in touch for any event at the NEC, Birmingham!