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Hire Professional Reception Staff for UK Events

Hire Professional Reception Staff for UK Events

Hire Professional Reception Staff for UK Events

First impression matter. In less than seven seconds, your delegates and attendees have formed an opinion of your event. A warm, welcoming smile, polite conversation and above all, an efficient registration process is the foundation from which your event will grow.
And that’s why hiring professional reception staff for your conference, exhibition, trade show or any event is key to success.

Why hire professional reception staff?

It’s easy to make the assumption that meeting and greeting attendees and delegates to an event is ‘easy’ – it is when you know how, when you have the training and experience to be able to adapt.

There is also the assumption that reception staff are needed for the start of the event alone. But you’ll find that the reception desk becomes the point of information throughout the event, whether that is a day event or one that lasts for several days.

The reception area must be staffed at all times and by a reception team who understand exactly what is needed;
• Meet and greet delegates in an appropriate and professional way, engaging in conversation, welcoming guests to your event
• Act as a point of information throughout the day
• Answer queries, deal with registration issues and other situations as they arise, quickly and effectively
• Manage the reception area so that it remains tidy
• Multi-task as well as be able to handle very busy parts of the day such as morning and afternoon reception desks
• Maintain communication with the event management team

Why hire reception staff for your event from us?

We go the extra mile to make sure that every client has the staff they need to make any event a success – and that includes experienced, professional event reception staff.
• Experienced – with thousands of event staff on our database, we guarantee we have the experienced reception staff your event needs.
• Professional – our reception staff will ‘look the part’ too. They can wear branded uniforms, a common request from clients or a dress code can be specified.
• Self-managing – our event and reception staff are forward-thinking and proactive in their work meaning they will go the extra mile to ensure that the reception area is managed effectively and efficiently.
• Reliable – arriving ahead of time, our reception staff will be on-hand to welcome your delegates and guests when your event opens.
• Briefed – arriving fully briefed, the reception staff you hire will be ready for work!

Find out more about hiring reception staff for UK events

Make a brilliant impression of event delegates and VIPs with a professional reception staff team. To find out more or a no obligation quote, contact the Bookings Team by using the contact form below or calling us on 0844 800 0071.

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