3 Reasons to Hire Exhibition Girls for Your Event

3 Reasons to Hire Exhibition Girls for Your Event

3 Reasons to Hire Exhibition Girls for Your Event

It takes time, energy, commitment and resources to organise and host an event. For these reasons alone, you want your event to be a success.

From a brand point of view, you event HAS TO be a success and so it makes sense to hire professional exhibition girls.

Do you know how to really make your event a success?

Behind every event is a set of objectives. In other words, the reasons why you are spending so much time, effort and money on hosting this event.

It could be you want to boost sales, now and in the future. Or maybe you are launching a new product or service? It could be that you are hosting the event to showcase your brand and the high-quality products you produce or the amazing services that you offer.

We need a reality check here. Hosting an event IS a big deal. Running the event IS time-consuming.

Getting it all together and making sure that everything goes to plan and without a hitch and that VIPs are met and greeted and so on IS also a big deal.

And it can be the small things that let you down such as guests at a VIP event with empty glasses and no canapes, or no one to engage people in conversation or direct them to the next event…

The list could go on. But rather than list the failures, let’s look at the solution. And in this cases, it comes in the intelligent shape of exhibition girls and professional hostesses.

But why exhibition girls in particular? Why professional hostesses?

REASON 1 – A classy addition

No matter what or where your event – it could be a form black tie dinner or a casual occasion – our professional hostess bring classic sparkle to any event.

They work hard, ensuring that everyone is met and greeted as they enter, they have all that they need including answers to questions.

Exhibition girls and hostesses offer an intelligent and personable service that ensures your brand stands out.

REASON 2 – Brand promotion at its best

Brand awareness and the voice around your brand needs to be just right – and it needs to be nurtured. Exhibition girls and hostesses can be part of your overall strategy to make sure your brand is noticed and in the right way too.

Our exhibition girls can wear a branded uniform, further confirming familiarity with your branding and logo in the eyeline of customers.

They will emphasise your aims, brand messages and values too. They can do all this because our hostess and exhibition girls are professionals, with experience and training in all kinds of promotional work.

REASON 3 – They are the practical support you need

There are all kinds of things that exhibitions girls can do. They can;
• Host VIP sessions
• Give out leaflets
• Talk to customers
• Qualify leads
• Ensure everything is running smoothly in their allotted area
• Give out freebies
• Staff stands
• And more!

But to get all this success, you need to hire the right team or professional individual and there is only one way to do that…

Hire a team of Exhibition Girls

Call the team to get a quote to hire Exhibition Girls on 0844 800 0071 who, once you receive your fantastically competitive quote, will hand pick your professional host or team or exhibition girls for your event.

Or alternatively, drop us a line using our contact form.